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Carriker Acquitted of Murder

Sedgwick County jurors have acquitted the victim of a shooting who ended up being charged with murder himself. Kyler Carriker was charged with felony murder after he helped set up a pot buy between two men. What he didn’t know was that the buyers intended all along to rob Carriker and the man who wanted to buy the marijuana. The buyer died after he was shot by the seller. The DA’s office charged Carriker, whoi was also injured, under a rule that says if you take part in an inherently dangerous felony where someone dies, you can be charged with murder. Carriker is the son of former Gubernatorial candidate Jennifer Winn.

One Killed In Motorcycle Crash

We begin with breaking news this morning. A motorcycle crash in Southeast Wichita leaves on person dead. It happened at about 4:30 this morning near 47th Street South and Oliver. It’s be;lieved the driver of the motorcycle was killed, while a female passenger was thrown off and injured. No other vehicles were involved.

Brownback Budget Outlined

Republican Governor Sam Brownback’s administration has outlined nearly $63 million in adjustments to Kansas’ current budget. Brownback told the Associated Press in an exclusive interview that he is trying to ensure that Kansas residents don’t see any effects on government services.

City Settles Parking Violation Case For $325K

The city of Wichita has settled a lawsuit accusing an 18-year veteran of the police department of beating a man over what began as an alleged parking violation. The Wichita Eagle reports the City Council last week approved paying Marcus McIntosh $325,000 to settle the suit against officer Brian Safris, former Police Chief Norman Williams and the city.

Billboards Target Sedgwick County Budget Cuts

The topic of Sedgwick County Budget cuts is now the focus of a billboard ad campaign across the city. The large billboard say Stop The Sedgwick County Budget Cuts. Recently, the county commission has voted to restructure the way it does business, resulting in cuts to places like the Sedgwick County Zoo, and Exploration Place, and also groups that support the arts.

SE Kansas Casino Developers Want Hotel Added

Investors developing a state-owned gambling casino in southeast Kansas are seeking permission to build a four-story hotel. While area zoning restrictions limit buildings to 35 feet, or three stories, developers of the Kansas Crossing Casino & Hotel are planning to build a four-story, 123-room Hampton Inn and Suites. The Pittsburg Board of Zoning Appeals is scheduled to vote on the request Monday.

Brownback Budget To Be Unveiled Today

Governor Sam Brownback’s budget director is preparing to outline $50 million in adjustments to keep the current Kansas budget from resulting in a deficit. Budget director Shawn Sullivan scheduled a news conference for 4 p.m. Thursday at the Statehouse.

City Will Make Up For County Cuts

City of Wichita leaders say they know full well they’ll likely have to increase spending as Sedgwick County cuts its budget. The county is changing the way it structures its budget. Meanwhile, 400-thousand dollars will be cut from the jail day reporting program, which the city says it will have to make up for.

KS Psychiatric Facilities Cramped For Space

A state task force says treatment options for the mentally ill in Kansas are lacking because the state’s two main psychiatric hospitals don’t have enough space and smaller facilities are underfunded. The task force says the result is an “inadequate safety net” that jeopardizes the well-being of the mentally ill and “puts communities at risk.”

KS Foster Care Policies Under Review

Kansas officials are reviewing foster care policies and that is sparking concerns among some advocates that the state will stop placing abused and neglected children with gay couples, even after the U.S. Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage. A spokeswoman says the Department for Children and Families’ review will cover more than who should serve as foster parents.